Independent Noise is currently searching for submissions for its third publication, Innocence – one of the life’s greatest beliefs, or, lie. Provocative explorations of the world in which purity is a fragile, elaborate, mercurial, or tainted.

The magazine is run by writers who have varying expertise in major art genres. As the mission statement reads, Independent Noise is committed to finding and publishing art that “explores the ideas of consciousness, society, and the underlying forces of reality,” at no cost to submitters. The journal and blog are determined to be an open and safe place designated for artists. Feel free to visit our Home Page to view our mission statement and read our past issue as well.  Thank you for your enthusiasm in Independent Noise; we are excited to review your work and hopefully give it a home.



Elanda with her husband

Elanda-Isabella Atencio writes experimental prose, short stories, is currently working on a novel her first fiction and nonfiction novel. She attempts to attain adventure in her life; she enjoys changes and excitement that lead to growth and expansion of her soul, mind, and body. She has three cats whom she meditates with and sings too. She and her husband hope to one day own a jazz cafe/bar where artists of all kinds can perform; @elanda_m.



Editor of Nonfiction

Jessica with her puppy

Jessica Smith is a lover of fiction and animals and is currently working at Your Pet Space, a dog boarding facility as managing editor and dog handler. Jessica’s a baking fiend, always making a new bread or some type of delicious desserts, for humans and pups alike! She opens her home to any who need comforting, a natural nurturer and intuitive soul too. She draws most of her inspiration from her beloved mutt, Annabel Lee. In other words, her world revolves around fur and fiction galore; @songsparrow007.




Editor of Poetry & Marketing Consultant


Katherine Pendleton

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