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Donovan’s Bar & Grill looks like an Irish pub-even inside. There’s a smell of smoke, once you walk in. The dark atmosphere gives it a sleepy environment yet encourages social activity.

A bar in Amsterdam, by Pinjachi, Devianart

Jan is putting a few fake flowers in a vase on each table. There’s bunting streamed across the wall above the welcoming table, where she placed pens, pads, name tags, and information about the dating service. She’s in charge of speed dating events for Find Your Date Dating Company. There is only ten minutes to speak to each person. Events start at 7:30 pm, but some people stream in about 7:20 and there is always some who arrives late.
Manny enters he’s one member whose looking for his significant other, ever since he broke up with wife a year ago. A year seems like two years.
“Hi Manny, there’s twenty signed up.” Jan smiles
“Well let’s hope I find a date.” Cracks a smile.
It’s 7:20 and like clockwork people start streaming in, Manny quickly notices a woman in a pink flowered dress and she spots him. Manny sits at the same table.
“Hi lived here long.” Manny gives a broad smile.
“That’s quite a pick up line.”
“I’m sorry I’ve been coming to these events since I moved here about a year ago. She left me.”
“All my life…you asked me how long I’ve lived here and my husband died six months ago,” Woman said
“I’m sorry to hear it. I didn’t ask you your name. I’m Manny Soloman, director of Allied Software. We design the covers for a lot of the CD’s you see.”
“Nice to meet you, I’m Vivian Davis. I own Davis Draperies. My husband left me the business. I said I wasn’t going to mention my husband and did it twice tonight. I’m not desperate sometimes I need to say something.”
“How can you date so early? My divorce was just finalized. She left me for a new chapter in her life…that’s what she called it.”
“It seems longer doesn’t it?” Vivian touched his hand then quickly withdrew. “Henry was deep sea fishing when he had a heart attack.”
“She left a note. I’ve been coming here a while, but it’s going to take me some time”
“Me too”
They exchanged phone numbers in case they just wanted to speak to another warm body.
“I had…” Both spoke at the same time.
“We’re probably going to get along” Vivian smiles
“I bet you’re right.” Manny said.

Annette Hummell was born in Connecticut and lived several years in Florida. After her father passed away, she and her mother moved to Las Cruces, NM. Currently, she’s pursuing a BA in Creative Writing with a minor in Theatre. She has written plays, stories, and poems; none of which have yet been published until now. She plans to extend her writing to scripts for tv and film.