A Bundle of Poetry


to feel once more
that I am a vessel to be filled
let throats be slit
welcoming wet red ideas
Colour each space with new fervour
recollect connect dissect this body of mine
the scent of my spirit is New
sated, I leave again.
only to remember
The meaning of my own name :


Still friend

Heart is still

the frenzy between my ears lulls

I am left in quiet


Touch my hand, I am not moved

the brushing of our lips,



yet devotion resides

we exchange no love letters

need no proclamation

my friend


the anniversary comes

we forget

it goes

we slept that day on the deck

the weather was perfect


12 years


when did I last remind him of my adoration?


in bed tonight

the symphony of our breathing


sweet child in the bedroom next turns in slumber

an unwitting audience applauding

and he knows

and the child knows

My friend. Ever

Merryn Haller is a 20 year old, South African undergraduate student. She’s currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Merryn is also enrolled in English Studies and has always been passionate about prose and poetry.

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